Am I entitled to financial benefits after a work accident in sports?

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  • Enforcement of injury benefits
  • For all professional and semi-professional athletes
  • Success rate of more than 75%
  • Even if the work accident dates back a long time
  • For active and former athletes
  • Fair play: No initial costs – you only pay in the case of success
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How does my financial future look like when I am out for more than six weeks?


The compulsory accident insurance doesn’t pay:
Professional and semi-professional athletes in Germany are secured by the workmen’s compensation board for administration via their club. Thanks to that you have the opportunity to receive considerable payments for your upcoming time of suffering. In the case of injury benefits even far in exces of the end of your career. But unfortunately „being right“ and „getting one’s rights“ are two different things.


We fight for your right:
Litigations with insurance companies are expensive, protracted and complicated. We relieve you of these worries so that you can completely focus on your recovery. As a specialized lawsuit financing company ALPHA SPORTS accepts all the costs and the financial risk and organizes and takes care of your legal procedure. Since 2007 ALPHA SPORT has been helping competitive athletes of many sports like football, ice hockey, handball, basketball and boxing with the enforcement of their claims. With a network of specialized cooperation lawyers and medical experts we have helped more than 6,000 clients to assert their rights – and we currently fight for thousands more round after round.


Transparent, fair and without risk:
We are positive about our work and our services because our success proves us right: Not before your legal procedure has successfully concluded we receive a provision from you that we have agreed on before. And you receive the fairly financial compensation for your pain and maybe a lifelong pension for remaining physical injuries.
That means: You don’t have to risk anything – but you can win everything!

ALPHA SPORTS helps at the process against the workmen’s compensation board


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There is none. You don’t take any risk because you only pay us in the case of success.

ALPHA SPORTS GmbH was founded in 2007. Since then we have served more than 11,000 professional and semi-professional athletes and our success rate of enforcing claims is over 75%.

We charge between 12% and 25% – depending on our expenditure. After we have checked your prospects of success we will send you an offer fitting to your individual case.

All injuries that were caused by an accident are interesting. It is not important if others were involved or not. It helps us if we are informed about all injuries because any injury can be relevant for a claim.

Yes. This opportunity always exists because there is no time bar. Make the pre-check or call us so that we can check your case free of charge and without any obligations.

After we have received the first documents all suffered injuries will be explicitly discussed. This is how we get a picture of your ailments. By that we can evaluate your prospects of success better. If the prospects are good our lawyers ask the resonsible workmen’s compensation board for your files. After having checked your files we decide how to proceed.

This can not be answered generally since all cases are individually and therefore can take different amounts of time.

You can claim for pension benefits if you reach a reduced earning capacity of at least 20% on the average labour market. That means that due to the accidents that occured you suffer from a permanent reduced earning capacity which prevents the exertion of 20% (also 2 x 10%) of all professions. The actual profession is not affected by that.

The amount of your pension depends on your annual earnings in the last 12 months before the accident. The maximum assessment base at e.g. the workmen’s compensation board for administration is 96.000 €.

The annual pension is calculated as follows: 2/3 of the annual earnings x the amount of the percental reduced earning capacity.

No. The benefits from the compulsory accident insurance are always free of tax.

In this case we will contact you regularly and ask for your ailments, worsenings or new accidents. After that we will check the right time to put in your claims.

Due to our successful work we set aside seven-digit reserves. Thus, the financing of your proceeding is secure.

In that case we have to check the files first. Call us so that we can check your case free of charge and without any obligations.

Yes. We have many clients who receive pension benefits during their career.

Yes. However, every week new clients contact us who have tried it on their own and have lost a lot of money in the process because they lacked the necessary knowledge. This money can not always be retrieved by us.

At the same time it is difficult for us to change something if a lot of things were done wrong in the first place. For this reason the chances to successfully enforce your claims drop. That is why you should come to us as soon as possible. Only then we can guarantee an optimal support that leads to a success in the proceedings against the workmen’s compensation board.

As a specialized lawsuit financing company with a success rate of more than 75% we work together with specialized lawyers for social law and insurance law who have long lasting experience in these fields.

Please also consider that we pre-finance all the proceedings and receive our provision only in the case of success. If you try to put in your claim on your own you end up being saddled with the costs if your case will be closed unsuccessfully.

Specialized lawyers have an hourly wage rate of 200 – 300 €. The costs for our specialized lawyers can not be covered as the legal costs insurance companies only accept a certain frame fee for proceedings in social law. However, you are free to mandate a lawyer yourself which is of course related to high costs and an even higher risk. If e.g. the proceedings will not end successfully you will not have a pension but high lawyer costs. As a lawsuit financing company ALPHA SPORTS cover this risk for you.

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