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ALPHA SPORTS focuses on the comprehensive support of every single client. Besides the legal specialist counseling we could build up a large network of specialists in the last years. This covers important areas of life of a professional athlete – even far in exces of the end of one‘s career.

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Due to great demand we have been offering professional athletes a competent contact when it comes to insurances since 2013. As a specialised insurance broker ALPHA SPORTS INSURANCE analyses the individual insurance protection and makes a custom-tailored offer. The product fitting to the company‘s philosophy is called ALPHAon. It was developed together with specialised cooperation lawyers and offers professional athletes an exclusive insurance for the case of a sports inability with an optional sickness daily allowance.



Tax declaration is a matter of trust – that is why we help our clients through the maze of taxes. Since 2016 the team of ALPHA SPORTS TAX GmbH tax consultants has been successfully operating. With our new teamplayers, the tax accountants Andreas Keite und Roman Rießler, two experts in tax law joined our team who answer all questions concerning taxes in Germany and abroad.



Lawyers Julia Maidiakina and Oliver Kelm have long lasting experiences in the fields of accident insurance law, sports law, sports insurance law and social insurance law. They count to the specialists in these areas and belong to the elite cooperation lawyers of ALPHA SPORTS GmbH. They enforce all entitlements to injury benefits, pensions and invalidity benefits of our football players, handball players, hockey players, basketball players and boxers against the statutory and private accident insurances.

Kelm Maidaikina Rechtsanwälte Parnerschaft mbBä


Being a specialized law firm Poppelbaum Geigenmüller has been giving advice in bank and capital market law for many years.
„Our work starts with the extensive actual and legal analysis of your situation. We provide you extrajudicial and take care of the complete correspondence with the opposite party. Here, we constantly aim at an amicable settlement of disputes that does justice to your concerns. If an extrajudicial agreement fails we resolutely plead your claims in court.“

Poppelbaum Geigenmüller Lawyers


Lawyers Philipp Knop and Volkmar Steinmeyer have been dealing almost solely with legal real estate problems (and their solutions) for years.
Philipp Knop is a specialist solicitor for tenancy and condominium law. Volkmar Steinmeyer has educated specialist solicitors for the Deutsche Anwalt Akademie for several years.
Owned or rented real estate entails constant cause for conflict. No matter if it is about problems concerning invoices of housing benefits or operating costs, co-owners or co-tenants, defects, refurbishments or rent arrears, these lawyers are happy to give you expert advice and to enforce your claims.

Knop Steinmeyer Lawyers & Notary


Although labour law for sports has specific characteristics the basic rules of labour law also apply to athletes. However, many contracts don’t seem to consider this: One has to think that in this field completely different rules of the game are established – often to the athlete’s disadvantage. In many cases athletes also need advice in labour law after the end of their sports career. Dr. Christian Sell is a specialist solicitor for labour law and has been giving advice to employers and employees for years, especially to athletes. He is one of the cooperation lawyers of ALPHA SPORTS GmbH and gives advice concerning termination, enforcement of payment claims and all questions of labour law.

Lawyer Sell

Real Estate

For several years we have been working successfully together with the team of Vandenberg real estate – the specialists for Berlin and Potsdam with more than 20 years of experience in real estate. A custom-tailored VIP package especially for athletes offers i.a. 360° service before, during and after the purchase, acquisition free of commission directly from the owner and exclusive pre-sale access to the latest offers. If you are interested in real estate in Europe’s most exciting city Vandenberg is your first address: the specialists in the capital for the capital.

Vandenberg Immoconsult GmbH

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